Extended for more than 150 km between the Adriatic and the Ionian seas, Salento has an enchanting coastal development that alternates wild cliffs that plunge into the sea from San Cataldo to Santa Maria di Leuca on the Adriatic side, to sandy and golden shores of the Ionian coast from Santa Maria di Leuca up to Porto Cesareo, in an inebriating succession of sighting towers, bays, cliffs, beaches, islets.

Those wishing to make the circuit of the two seas should be led by the low and sandy coast to the south from Torre Rinalda to San Cataldo with the remains of the Porto di Adriano and continue to the Cesine Natural Park, wetland that preserves suggestive natural habitats. From here, in Otranto direction, meet the sensational centers of Roca Vecchia, an important Archaeological Park, Torre dell’Orso, Torre Sant’Andrea and the suggestive Alimini Lakes, brackish water mirrors with sweet springs.

Spend your holidays here, but also choose this destination as a wedding location means to be inebriated with colors, scents and landscapes that change from the wild countryside, with their dry stone walls set with prickly pear blades, to the embrace of the sea that it laps the coasts, beaches and rocks in a harmonious way and, above all, means living unforgettable emotions.

Otranto is among the most exciting of the whole Mediterranean with its portentous history, its architecture and its coastline to the nearby Punta della Palascia, the easternmost end of Italy. The coastal road descends to Santa Cesarea Terme, Castro, Tricase, Gagliano del Capo with the Ciolo belvedere and then the sparkling white of Santa Maria di Leuca. Doubled Punta Ristola, which came to lapping the coast, gives way to the vineyards after which it goes back to Ugento with its basins of naturalistic interest and from here, through dry stone walls, “furni” and “paiare” , you get to the splendor of Gallipoli, the beautiful city (“Kalè Polis” in Greek) with the dazzling domes of its many churches.

If you choose this area as a location for weddings or as a destination to visit and discover, you can not neglect to visit places such as Lido Conchiglie, or the spectacular Montagna Spaccata, even if it would be to move already to the marina of Nardò. In the area the beautiful Natural Park of Porto Selvaggio, a heavenly place, in which to relax among cliffs and picturesque coves. Also here to remind us of centuries of continuous alarms and fear, a scenario of sighting towers, from Torre Inserraglio to Torre Sant’Isidoro, to Torre Chianca. Finally, we reach Porto Cesareo, a well-equipped tourist center with numerous beaches protected by an archipelago of small islands, including the famous Isola dei Conigli.

Inland, among the many provinces of Lecce we find Alessano a village of over 6000 inhabitants, which was the seat of the diocese until 1818 and the county seat and where is located our charming Villa, ideal background and perfect for your holidays in Salento or as a location for a special event.

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